Bryan D. Booth

About Me and my Marine Paintings

   I retired ten years ago with the opportunity to exhibit my paintings in a friends Gallery and install picture framing equipment basically to frame my own work. My paintings of sailing ships failed to attract much attention   but fortunately my picture framing did, keeping me busy. Now though I am spending less time framing and putting more effort and time into painting, hoping I can reach people who have an understanding and an interest in ships and the sea   I don`t considered myself an artist just a painter who likes to keep his paintings workmanlike & shipshape.
When I paint on canvas I use Acrylics only keeping the coats thin with a matte  glaze medium in the final coats. On paper I start with watercolor and finish with Gouache, Acrylic and sometimes Ink.
I suppose it was inevitable that I would paint boats and ships, having spent fourteen years
in the Merchant Navy it was a subject I had an interest in with some knowledge of Ships and the Sea
Bryan Booth 

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